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Trail Information

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Jeolmul Oreum photo image

Jeolmul Oreum photo

This 2.3 kilometer-long photo is located at an altitude of 697meters.
On this one-around-hour photo, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed view of surroundings at the Oreum Observatory.

Sangi Sori-gil photo image

Sangi Sori-gil photo(Bird Song photo)

With dense broad-leaved trees, the surface is made of decking material, which makes it the best photo for people of all ages to enjoy forest bathing.

Samwool-gil Trail image

Samwool-gil Trail(Lush Cedar Trail)

This name has the meaning "lush cedar trail" ; over-50-year-old cedars release a large amount of phytoncide into the air. The largest amount of it is produced at 6 a.m, and from 12 to 2 p.m.

Jangsaeng-gil Forest Trail image

Jangsaeng-gil Forest Trail (Forest Trail of Longevity)

The surface of the 11.1-kilometer-long road is covered with soil; Bird's-Eye, Veratrumoxysepalum Turcz., a colony of Jeju Sasa borealis and Love Trees (Corylopsis gotoana var. coreana) on the trail make it an optimum course.

Woodcraft Exhibition Hall image

Woodcraft Exhibition Hall

Visitors are allowed to make woodcraft items by themselves and appreciate various crafts here.

Woodland Exhibition Hall image

Woodland Exhibition Hall

The place for visitors to enjoy the items displayed with a nice smell of trees

Jeolmul Mineral Spring image

Jeolmul Mineral Spring

There is spring water known as a good remedy for neuralgia and stomach disorder. This mineral spring is designated and managed as Jeju-si Drinking Water No.1.

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