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General Information

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  • Location : 584, Myeongnim-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  • Area : 300 hectare (Natural Forest 100 hectares, Artificial Forest 200 hectares)
  • Designation & Notification : May 26, 1992 (Notification No.92-1 of the Korean Forest Service)
  • Grand Opening Day : July 23, 1997

With a total area of 300 hectares, Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest,
is mainly occupied by 30-to-45-year-old cedars: 100 hectares of natural forest, 200 hectares of artificial forest.

In harmony with the cool breeze blowing in from the sea, on the trail built in a planted area of cedars and Japanese black pines, In the shade, visitors can feel a chill even in mid-summer.

Cedars, the dominant trees in the forest have been planted since the mid-60s, at the same time scrub was removed. As the well-built cedar plantation was developed into a natural recreation forest, it became the most famous rest area for most of the people who are visiting nation wide.

There are various facilities that allow visitors to spend some quality time with their families or lovers: trails, a water spring, a pond, a public lawn, a woodcraft experience center, sports facilities, amusement facilities for children, and accommodations, etc. In the case of the trail, it has a gentle slope without stairs that the elderly and children can use comfortably. The disabled can use wheelchairs if they are accompanied by guardians.

Jeolmul Oreum, a parasite volcano, is located at an altitude of 697 meters, and one hour is enough time to hike to the top and walk back. At the top, visitors can see a horseshoe-shaped crater from the observatory; also take in a grand view of Musuchon Stream, the largest stream in Jeju in the west: and see Jeju-si in the north.

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